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Paintball this weekend – Orion Valley – April 9, 2011

We will be playing this Saturday, April 9th in the Valley. It will be sunny and hot – our first game in the 90s – so come prepared!

Primary scenario: INFILTRATOR

You know you want it – full 360 degree Infiltrator!

Special requirements: This is a great game for grenades. Available at Dicks or Academy for a mere $5, but certainly not required.

If you plan on being or bringing out someone as a guest this weekend, please let me know in advance, so that we can have some gear put aside for them. At this time all of our guest gear is cleaned up and the weather should be nice, so it’s a good time to get a guest into the action.

Bring a ruck and what you need to sustain while playing (water, camelback, etc.).

Please note, if you need directions they are posted in the forums, under the “Orion Raiders Paintball” section. There will also be a games discussion for this weekend listed there as well.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!