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  • Texas Gun Shows – 2012 Just updated the gun show list on with all of the Texas gun shows in 2012. Find a show near you and arm-up . . .  🙂

  • More freedom fun from our global friends Whoa – just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Iran blogger jailed for Khamenei insult dies A young Iranian blogger jailed in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison for insulting supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has died, his lawyer told AFP on Thursday. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah said that although there… Continue reading ""

  • The Fourth SureFire Flashlight I never thought of myself as a flashlight whore. Sure, I’ve had my share of Mag-Lites – and I killed them all. I either left in the batteries too long, or some sort of black magic happened that make it so I could no longer open them up to replace the batteries. I got a StreamLight… Continue reading ""

  • Actor Says Something Political, Raises Eyebrows “Knowingly” Actor Matt Damon, who’s crossover role in Team America: World Police, “I played a really smart guy on a movie once,” says Damon. “In fact, Robin Williams was in the movie. And he even played a doctor. He wore a white coat. Doctors are smart, too.” “If you play in a movie where… Continue reading ""

  • 10 Things to Scratch From Your Worry List For most of the year, it is the duty of the press to scour the known universe looking for ways to ruin your day. The more fear, guilt or angst a news story induces, the better. But with August upon us, perhaps you’re in the mood for a break, so I’ve rounded… Continue reading ""

  • We’re back . . . I hope that everyone has been having a fun and special summer and is looking forward to reuniting with our friends and comrades of the brush and marker. Wow – sounds like an art club . . . We are going to be trying out a few new things this season: 1. More games involving… Continue reading ""

  • The triumph of the human spirit . . . Tiananmen Square – June 4, 1989

  • The Hunter Killer ArrivesStand aside, Predator drone. Coming soon to a burned-out metropolis near you . . . the first stage of the dark reality we all came to know and love in the 80s. Who couldn’t imagine themselves crouched behind the dark corner of a dilapidated urban shopping center, running at full-speed towards the converted El Camino Technical, blazing… Continue reading ""

  • Eisenhower’s farewell speech Ok – so it’s not really on topic, but I spent sometime today looking for a poignant quote for my farewell e-mail at my current job. I’ve been here for almost 10 years and thought I should at least try to say something noteworthy – and not too controversial. Anyway, I was looking at Eisenhower’s farewell address… Continue reading ""