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Just great . . . I move away from Austin and then they have a Zombie Attack

Ok, not really. But just in case, we know the signs work in the event of an undead apocalypse.

Apparently, some local folks hacked a construction sign to warn passersby of zombies in the area.

Construction signs warn of zombies Hackers change public safety message

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin drivers making their morning commute were in for a surprise when two road signs on a busy stretch of road were taken over by hackers. The signs near the intersection of Lamar and Martin Luther King boulevards usually warn drivers about upcoming construction, but Monday morning they warned of “zombies ahead.”

KXAN Austin News cameras caught many drivers slowing down to read the signs as they approached. Some read, “Zombies ahead! Run for your lives!”

Of course the city didn’t think it was too funny. But then again, sending out a false warning of impending zombie doom is never funny. It’s just like the old tale of the “boy who cried werewolf.” Pretty soon, the angry townsfolk will stop running towards you aid with pitchforks and torches.


I wonder if they changed the password from 1-2-3-4 over to 4-3-2-1? 🙂

More Bug Out Bag Goods – The Battle Bag

I was searching around for some info on different BOB options and came across this little gem. The actual article is from 2005, but the info is still very useful.

The author talks specifically about a ‘battle bag’ – that is a ready-packed bug out bag that is specifically designed for fighting.

A Battle Bag differs from a Bug Out Bag in that the Battle Bag also has to carry fighting supplies. What goes into your Battle Bag is dependent on your primary weapon, secondary weapon
(handgun), whether or not you have a vest to carry other gear (armored or otherwise) and whether or not you intend to wear a gun belt.

A few things I love about this article:

His survival system is based on a shotgun: Ok, so every survival/BOB/EOTW/WTSHTF writer out there knows that a shotgun is a bad idea for a survival scenario, but why? Not only is this the weapon of choice for Mad Max (ok, bad example), but chances are in a purely scrounge scenario the only types of cartridges you are guaranteed to find almost everywhere is .22LR and 12 gauge. There is also ample evidence that the weapon of choice for the frontiersmen were smoothbore shotguns. And if Hollywood has taught us anything – to really make sure you kill the hell out of that zombie – nothing can guarantee second mortality like a shotgun.

He advocates PPE beyond rubber gloves: Not only does the author mention making sure you have eye protection (remember how we can run through the cedar in a paintball mask and not worry about getting poked in the eye?) , he also talks about using a helmet. Think about it – if things are really that bad – there are probably going to be more sharp edges out there than usual.

He combines his LBE, belt, and BOB into one package: Rather than having to kit-out with one of those snazzy Eagle Deployment Bags (which are still cool, mind you), he has the idea to have his primary BOB wrapped with his LBE vest to make it easier to carry . . .

The way I have everything put together, the Battle Bag is full and sits upright. The vest wraps around and over it, with the Bag’s handle sticking out the neck opening of the vest. The gun belt wraps around the top slotted through the vest arm openings and the Bag shoulder straps, effectively making them one unit to pick up. The helmet chinstrap is wrapped through some of the webbing on the vest and snapped shut. What I get is one unit that I can pick up by the handle on the Battle Bag as I’m going out the door. If I have the time to “suit up” before I leave, I pull off the gun belt to put it on quick. The helmet comes off the vest, the vest goes over my head, Velcro straps get pushed down, and I’m good to grab the bag and helmet and go out the door.

There is a great picture that shows how everything fits together.

Good stuff!

Zombie War Weapons – On Sale Now!

Nothing says “Back Thee Off Flemish Dog” quite like a pole axe.

Although they haven’t been in general use for a few hundred years (except by the Swiss Guards and SCA folks) they are still a great choice for the would-be zombie fighter. Not only can the keep the recently reanimated at bay, but they also offer the dual option of axe and big hammer to use on your undead foe. They sometimes even have a top mounted spike – yet another action possibility.

I just got the new Cold Steel Special Projects catalog and noticed that they are offering their version of the Pole Axe as a closeout item. The Special Projects catalog – although really cool and well laid-out – is notorious for having higher prices than one can find at discounters and gunshows. However – if something is in their closeout section, than it really is a great price and is often lower than you can find used items for at either of the above locations.

Their version features an axe blade and hammer head and comes complete with an ash pole (almost worth the price of the whole deal – almost) and langettes – which are the steel pieces on the side of the wooden pole, originally intended to protect the weapon and user from sword strikes (and similar).

The weapon is being offered at $29.99 (plus shipping), which is $70 less than their MSRP of $99.99. Most discounters were offering it for around $65, so this is definitely a great deal.

At that price you can afford to equip your whole family, clan, and/or zombie attack force. 🙂