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  • Just great . . . I move away from Austin and then they have a Zombie Attack Ok, not really. But just in case, we know the signs work in the event of an undead apocalypse. Apparently, some local folks hacked a construction sign to warn passersby of zombies in the area. Construction signs warn of zombies Hackers change public… Continue reading ""

  • More Bug Out Bag Goods – The Battle Bag I was searching around for some info on different BOB options and came across this little gem. The actual article is from 2005, but the info is still very useful. The author talks specifically about a ‘battle bag’ – that is a ready-packed bug out bag that is specifically designed for… Continue reading ""

  • Zombie War Weapons – On Sale Now! Nothing says “Back Thee Off Flemish Dog” quite like a pole axe. Although they haven’t been in general use for a few hundred years (except by the Swiss Guards and SCA folks) they are still a great choice for the would-be zombie fighter. Not only can the keep the recently reanimated at bay,… Continue reading ""