Top Secret, SI

Top Secret, SI was an old espionage role-playing game from TSR that came out in 1987. It was the newer version of an even older spy role playing game called Top Secret that had come out in 1980. Though I never really got into role-playing games, I really liked a lot of the concepts from the game and I thought that some of the different names that were used were really cool. I usually got as far as picking equipment and then lost interest.

I am going to apologize in advance for those of you who came to this website looking for a trip down the ole role-playing game memory lane.

But to show that I am a good sport, here’s a listing of TSR-related websites about the original Top Secret, SI role playing game:

Hey Adam – this page is for you. I am sure you are sitting in the “invite-only” backroom of some comic book store leaning intently over a strategy-based board game.

Please let me know if something doesn’t work on this page, and I’ll take it off.