Sheridan Paintball Love

Oh, Those Sheridan Paintball Guns

The first time I ever saw an “old school” Sheridan marker was back when they were probably just becoming old school. Stephen and I were at Gassman’s Archery and found an old KP3 rifle that had been sitting on the wall – probably since they had first came out. This was 1995 and it was covered in at least 5 years of dust. The shop wanted what they had always wanted for it – $300 – which was a remarkable sum for a couple of high school kids, except that we were about to graduate from high school and had that good graduation money. We’d been playing pretty regularly since 1990, but Stephen decided that he wanted something to bring a little class to the field.He bought that KP3 and we’ve been buying/playing/drooling with or on them ever since. We still use it in our sniper scenarios.

My favorite marker to play with is still a Sheridan Piranha. It has a trigger job and a longer slide, but other than that, it’s pretty much stock.

In a manner of speaking, Stephen also still plays with a Sheridan – albeit one of the Palmer’s modified versions of it (i.e. Typhoon).

Sheridan Piranha

The Sheridan Piranha is my favorite arm to take the field with. I can’t say enough good things about this awesome marker.

Another Sheridan Piranha

Wood + Metal = It’s Fantastic!