Ninja Attacks on the Rise?

I was doing my normal AM browse of the news and noticed this little sidebar on one of the articles:

‘Ninjas’ Rob Tourist, Clerk At Hotel

Authorities in Central Florida are searching for two men in full ninja costumes who robbed a night clerk and a tourist this week.

Investigators said the men, who were in black ninja outfits, crept into a Hampton Inn in Davenport, Fla., located just south of Osceola County and surprised the victims in the lobby.

The victims were forced to the ground and robbed, police said.

During the incident, the clerk was shot in the leg but was expected to survive the injury. It was not determined who fired the shot.

The ninja-dressed men then vanished. More.

That’s the problem with ninjas – they commit their nefarious acts and then vanish. The article made no specific mention of a smoke bomb or trap door, but we can well assume that one or both was used in this assault.

The shot that hit the clerk may have come from a stray bullet from a Ninja Eradication Team (NET) or may have been a throwing star injury that was misinterpreted by an eager police reporter.

Using our knowledge of internet search engines and our big stack of Ashida Kim books, we’ve come up with a visual profile on one of the potential suspects:

Never attempt to capture a potential ninja yourself. They are very dangerous and tricky.

For your own safety, contact your local law enforcement or NET specialist.

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