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Paintball this weekend – The Human Path Quarry – October 1, 2011

We will be playing this Saturday, October 1st at the The Human Path Quarry. The Human Path is a survival school located just north of San Antonio at an old quarry off of Cibolo Creek. I played a game with this group last summer and it is a very cool location with some great terrain and features. The weather will be great with a cool morning and a high of only 90, so bring your jackets! 🙂

Primary scenario: OPFOR

For these games, we will be playing against the THP home team in multiple OPFOR scenarios. Plan for ambush, counter-ambush, and a lot of wilderness movement.

Special requirements: Make sure your primary is in great condition and consider a secondary as well. If you are loathe to move with your LBE and ruck, you will need it for this scenario, so make sure your kit is in order. We will start in one location, but likely move out and set-up ambush positions away from this point – and may even stage at remote locations, depending on the specific scenario.

Special note: This will be a restricted game for folks who have played with us before. If you are a guest player with less than two OF games under your belt, please contact me in advance about this game. We do have loaner gear for two guests, so please let me know ASAP if this applies to you.

Bring a ruck and what you need to sustain while playing (water, snacks, camelback, etc.).

Plan to meet at my place between 9-9:30am that morning. We will have a briefing for the scenario and then truck over to the location around 10-10:30am.

More details on the THP location are here:

Call me directly if you have any questions about this event. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Paintball this weekend – Orion Valley – September 17, 2011

We will be playing our first game of the season this Saturday, September 17th at the Orion Valley. The high will be a chilly 94 degrees, so for those who have been outside much this summer, make sure to bring a light jacket or sweater, so you can replicate the weather you are used to enjoying. Also, since we haven’t played since May, we’ll also be taking it easy, getting use to our markers, which end makes with the “bang,” etc.

Primary scenario: THE PATRIOT

In honor of Constitution Day (I looked it up, it has a website), we will be playing a scenario based on that bad ass scene in The Patriot. You know what I am talking about if you’ve ever seen the movie. This will be a hand-load game, but the tomahawk will be optional, depending on how excited everyone gets. (No Michael, you can’t use a real tomahawk!)

Special requirements: Pumps are fine for this one, so if you have one bring it on out.

If you plan on being or bringing out someone as a guest this weekend, please let me know in advance, so that we can have some gear put aside for them. At this time all of our guest gear is cleaned up and ready to go. We have at least 2 guests signed up, so let me know ASAP if you need loaner gear.

Bring a ruck and what you need to sustain while playing (water, camelback, etc.). Bring your bathing suit so you can jump into the pool after we play.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!