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Bullpup . . . . Muzzleloader?

Admittedly, I am somewhat addicted to Gunbroker.

For the armchair arms enthusiast, time and resources hampered by a pile of children, it’s a great way to get your gun porn on . . . the variety and type of weapons and accessories that show up on there is overwhelming.

Which is why it helps to limit yourself to a theme.

Being of a blackpowder/muzzleloader bent, I am always looking for cool vintage muzzleloader arms to take to rendezvous or a pack-in.

I am not sure how the below would fit into the pre-1840s scene, but it was certainly an interesting idea.


black_powder_combat_style_1 black_powder_combat_style_2 black_powder_combat_style_3 black_powder_combat_style_4 black_powder_combat_style_5 black_powder_combat_style_6 black_powder_combat_style_7 black_powder_combat_style_8


The Awesome!