Paintball this weekend – The Ranch – December 1, 2012

Paintball this weekend – The Ranch – December 1, 2012

We are playing this Saturday, December 1st at The Ranch.  The weather will be sunny with a high of 76 – are you kidding me?   Plan on rendezvousing at the old HEB around 9:15am or at the gate by 9:30am and we’ll stage at the location.   If you need specific directions, contact me off-line.


Since we’ll be on “big land” we”ll have plenty of space for the old search and destroy scenario.   Plus we’ll do some ambush/counter-ambush and general brush fighting action.

Special requirements:  We will start in one location, but likely move out and move around, so plan on carrying extra pods and your sustainment gear.  If you have radios (FRS), this is a great scenario to use them .  We’ll have the team radios out there as well.

If you plan on being or bringing out someone as a guest this weekend, please let me know in advance, so that we can have some gear put aside for them. Thanks to the marker work day, we have a few guest set-ups that are ready to go.  Bring a ruck and what you need to sustain while playing (water, camelback, etc.).

Please note, if you need directions they are posted in the forums, under the “Orion Raiders Paintball” section.  There will also be a games discussion for this weekend listed there as well.

Please RSVP for this game by:

1) Responding via email to this message
2) Accepting the event via the Facebook event page

If you are unable to attend this game, our next game will be Saturday, February 9, 2013.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

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