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  • Paintball this weekend – Orion Valley – December 17, 2011 We will be playing our last paintball game of the year, this Saturday, December 17th at the Orion Valley. For those who haven’t heard, the Kestrel place is going on the market soon, so come on out and be a part of one of the last games at this field.… Continue reading ""

  • Texas Gun Shows List – Updated for 2010 So after much delay (it ain’t March, yet!), I finally updated the Texas Gun Shows page for 2010. It’s available here.

  • The iPod – a crucial part of your . . . . arsenal? It looks like iPods have finally come to their own with the tactically-minded set – and I don’t mean the ability to bring up “Welcome to the Jungle” every time you find yourself in the middle of a fray. A company has designed an application for the… Continue reading ""

  • 2009 Texas Gunshow List – Now Updated! The Texas Gunshow List on Orion Woods Brigade has just been updated for 2009. Go check it out. And then go check them out.

  • $1000 is the new $500 I went to the SAXET gunshow this morning with some of the crew and was pretty put-off by the amount of price gouging going on with some of the more shady dealers. I expected a little bit of shenanigans due to the recent election, but a quick browse through Shotgun News will show that recent… Continue reading ""

  • Banning Assault Weapons Because of . . . Mexico? I’ve been struggling over the past few weeks, trying to figure out how exactly the Libs are going to take their next step in the war on firearms rights in America. You know it’s big on their wish lists and with all four branches of the government now being Democrat (the… Continue reading ""

  • Obama’s Question #59 A few stories have covered the ridiculously invasive list of questions posted by the New York Times as the official questionnaire being used to qualify folks for a top-level position in the Obama Administration. After wading through question after question involving potential conflicts of interest, involvement with AIG and Freddie May/Fanny Mac, illegal immigrant nannies and/or servants,… Continue reading ""

  • More Obama Gun Fun No sooner had I pulled the trigger on my last post then I realized that there was a veritable full magazine of online articles discussing everyone’s fears about gun rights under an Obama presidency. Gun sales surge after Obama’s election “I have been in business for 12 years, and I was here for Y2K, September 11,… Continue reading ""