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  • Texas Gun Shows List – Updated for 2010 So after much delay (it ain’t March, yet!), I finally updated the Texas Gun Shows page for 2010. It’s available here.

  • 2009 Texas Gunshow List – Now Updated! The Texas Gunshow List on Orion Woods Brigade has just been updated for 2009. Go check it out. And then go check them out.

  • McGyver’s Tactical Knife? I saw a new Swiss Army Knife (SAK) in the pages of the most recent Field and Stream that looked like a pretty significant departure from their usual offerings.It’s called the One Hand Sentinel and it looks almost more like a Spyderco-style knife than a SAK. It is an upgrade to their standard Sentinel knife. I still… Continue reading ""

  • BMF Knuckle Guard Fun with nylon 550 cord. Still can’t figure out what to do with the two loose ends.Here’s the instructions.

  • He’s Back Ok – so I try not to completely nerd out on movies before I see them – there is always the inevitability of over-hyping something that turns out to be a big pile of poo, but a new Rambo movie – I mean come on. Even from a purely tac-porn perspective I just can’t wait to see what… Continue reading ""