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McGyver’s Tactical Knife?

I saw a new Swiss Army Knife (SAK) in the pages of the most recent Field and Stream that looked like a pretty significant departure from their usual offerings.
It’s called the One Hand Sentinel and it looks almost more like a Spyderco-style knife than a SAK. It is an upgrade to their standard Sentinel knife.

I still have my original Recruit from when I was a kid and am excited they came out with a new offering that maintains the original concept, while more in the style of a tactical folder.

Looks like they are going for around $20-25 on eBay
– not bad at all for a cool knife and tweezers!

Here are the specs.

He’s Back

Ok – so I try not to completely nerd out on movies before I see them – there is always the inevitability of over-hyping something that turns out to be a big pile of poo, but a new Rambo movie – I mean come on. Even from a purely tac-porn perspective I just can’t wait to see what kind of goods and kit our favorite anti-Hero will be carrying.

And speaking of carrying, here is one of the recently published stills from the film to make its way on the net.

From the image, you can see that he is going to have some kind of cool new blade. Like him or hate him, First Blood and Rambo did more for the custom and semi-custom knife industry than any other film (doubt me? Try to go on eBay or to a knife show and buy a Jimmy Lile knife). It even set the precedent for the inclusion of the Tom Brown Tracker knife in the much-lamented, The Hunted.

I did like that movie by the way, and for more than the scenes showing the field-expedient creation of knives for the ubiquitous final showdown.

Anyway, go check out the trailer here and see what you think for yourself.