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  • The Revenant

    The Good I am a mountain man, by Gawd! so I am excited to a mountain man movie no matter what. The opening sequence of the trappers in the wilderness getting their beaver furs packed up for the long journey back was amazing. The intensity of the Indian attack kept me on the edge of my seat and the scenes… Continue reading "The Revenant"

  • The First A-Team Trailer The moment you all have been waiting for is here. The first trailer for the new A-Team movie got released today and in a word – it looks AWESOME. A few happies: 1) Liam Neeson looks to be a great Hannibal (cigar and all) 2) Sharlto Copley from District 9 as Murdock 3) Rampage keep the… Continue reading ""

  • Potential Update on the A-Team Movie Daytime just sent me over this info on the ever-in-discussion A-Team movie: The “A-Team” is certainly gearing up for what one would call an A-list cast (though I’m quite fond of George Peppard, Dirk Benedict and Mr. T). According to Variety, it was confirmed that “Hangover” star Bradley Cooper is in negotiation to play… Continue reading ""

  • Tropic Thunder – Now with More Retards Tropic Thunder will open this week to a hail of criticism from various members of the press and polite society. Much to my surprise, it had little to do with Robert Downey, Jr.’s black-face performance of a tough Vietnam-era sergeant, but rather dealt with the copious use of the epithet “retard” oft-used by… Continue reading ""

  • New Punisher Movie Posters Some new Punisher: War Zone movie posters were released into the InterWeb. They look pretty cool – kinda in the “Welcome Back, Frank” style that Steve Dillon/Garth Ennis used to revitalize the series. I really liked that series, as it did away with a lot of the silliness that had become the hallmark of the character… Continue reading ""

  • Space Nazis! Holy crap – Clive Cussler was right all along! Here’s the site. “The following tale of alien encounters is true . . . . and by true I mean false. It’s all lies but they’re entertaining lies and in the end isn’t that the real truth. The answer is no.”– Leonard Nimoy

  • How to be Batman Finally, the career guidance I need. There is a new book coming out in October about what it would take to be Batman. The book is called Becoming Batman: The Possibility of A Superhero and details what exactly someone would have to do to become Batman (be rich and train for 18 years), how long you… Continue reading ""

  • Terminator Salvation? I, like many of my movie-going ilk, was really excited to see the 3rd Terminator movie, as the preview made it out to be what I had been waiting for the whole time – a story set in the future showing the few human survivors going at it all laser-Red Dawn-style against the worst that Skynet could throw… Continue reading ""

  • Bateman In honor of the upcoming release of The Dark Knight – one of the best recuts on YouTube.

  • Random stupid on the new GI JOE Movie Ok – I know it’s really hip to say how bad things are, everything sucks (remember how cool this made you feel back in high school?), but there are some things that should never be touched. And one of those – is the mission of GI Joe – A Real American Hero.… Continue reading ""