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  • Going to Your First Rendezvous Kind of an odd post for Orion, but this is an email I threw together explaining what kind of kit you really need when going to your first WFT (Western Fur Trade) event. Just some basic info, piggybacking off of my articles on, but a good summary of how to not overdo it at… Continue reading ""

  • The Human Path shout-out on WOAI For those who played last weekend at the THP Quarry game . . . Sam Coffman, who runs The Human Path survival school, got a mention this morning on WOAI radio, as well as their website: “Mad Max” World On The Way? Helotes Man Teaches Survival SkillsLocal survivalist course even teaches how to forage… Continue reading ""

  • 2009 Texas Gunshow List – Now Updated! The Texas Gunshow List on Orion Woods Brigade has just been updated for 2009. Go check it out. And then go check them out.

  • Tactical pistol . . . and tomahawk? For those who have ever taken part in a tactical match, you know the value of being able to improvise . . .

  • The Action Compound BowA few months ago we were having dinner at one of our favorite local hamburger joints. It was someplace we had been to pretty frequently over the past few years, so you get to know the waitresses and staff – and we happened to have a gal we’d chatted with off and on over the while. I… Continue reading ""

  • Throwing Knife, Throwing Axe, or Throwing Log?Bringing the art of improvised weaponry to a whole new level, a camper in northern Georgia used a potential piece of firewood to assault a would-be Yogi that was trying to steal his family’s pic-a-nic basket. The story doesn’t detail if the log was mod’d specifically for combat use, if it featured a 550… Continue reading ""