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The Human Path shout-out on WOAI

For those who played last weekend at the THP Quarry game . . . Sam Coffman, who runs The Human Path survival school, got a mention this morning on WOAI radio, as well as their website:

Mad Max” World On The Way? Helotes Man Teaches Survival Skills
Local survivalist course even teaches how to forage for food

From corrency collapse to revolution there is more and more talk of civilization unraveling, and a Dystopian “Mad Max’ world taking it’s place. And a Helotes man can help.

Well, now you can take a survivalist course that will pit you against the elements. It’s run by a former military medic Sam Coffman. Called The Human Path, you can learn all about how to survive in the wild.

“Learning how to work with pretty much nothing in the woods; so learning fire from friction, shelter, water purification and hunting and snares, tracking and things like that,” says Coffman of what he teaches in his core course.

“The course can connect us on a level that is quite a bit more deeply ‘connected’ and less urbanized. Our maxim is: to be the best possible person under the worst possible circumstances. “

You can read the full story here (complete with Mad Max and dog image!).

For more details on The Human Path, check out their website.

And now . . . the moment we’ve all been waiting for . . .

Russia threatens military response to US missiles

MOSCOW (AP) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is warning his country may respond to a U.S. missile shield in Europe through military means.

Medvedev says that the deployment of an anti-missile system close to Russian borders “will of course create additional tensions.”

“We will have to react somehow, to react, of course, in a military way,” Medvedev was quoted as saying Tuesday by the RIA-Novosti news agency.

Russian officials have already warned of a military response to the U.S. plans, but the statement by the Russian leader was likely to further aggravate already tense relations with the West. The comments come after Medvedev recognized two Georgian regions as independent nations, prompting criticism from the U.S. and Europe.

Ok, kiddies. Just make sure you have your eye on your favorite gas station/sporting goods store when its time to head for the hills…

The Chair Is Against The Wall.

You’ve Got My Vehicle!

So you’ve got the accuracy-while-moving down pat with your wrist crossbow, the most important question still lingers – what will you be driving around in while you move from town-to-town skimming the convenience-store shelves for that last can of chick peas?

It is a question we Raiders often discuss and just recently my father-in-law forwarded me an online article from WIRED magazine answering this very question.

Here’s the list they came up with:

1. Toyota FJ40
2. Unimog
3. Ural Patrol (Motorcycle)
4. VW’s Concept T
5. ATF Dingo
6. A Unicycle
7. Jeep CJ
8. The Interceptor
9. Stryker
10. Volkswagen Beetle

Now as a fella who has owned a CJ Jeep (1982 – CJ5), a Land Cruiser (my fav: FJ-60), tried to convert a 68 Mustang into the Interceptor (good Lord, if I got a nickel for every bad idea . . .), and is currently learning how to “ride” a unicycle (background for a short story – long story), I think I can add a few comments here:

1) Motorcycle should be a Rokon – these things are unstoppable, also 2-wheel drive, have a side car option, have enough torque to drag a fallen tree out of a road, and also have an optional mount for the back of your truck – so you can have a “back-up” vehicle when your Ford Expedition craps out.

2) VW – I like the idea of mod’ing out a dune buggy into a poor man’s version of the Navy SEAL “Doom Buggy”

3) Whatever you end up using, you’ll need to modify it with versatile “big tanks” to hold all of the extra gas you’ll need to make it through the Wasteland.

Although I am a subscriber to Wired magazine, I am notoriously behind on my reading, so I hadn’t the article before he sent it over.

I hope to see that this made it to print in the June issue – maybe sometime around September.

Road Warrior Reality – Part 1

A few weeks ago I was getting a part for my ailing Land Cruiser (FJ-60) at the local auto parts store. Since I live in a semi-rural area, it’s always a crap shoot on whether or not they’ll have the right part, and if they do – it’s often offered at mining camp “company store” prices.

There was a woman in line ahead of me who was buying a locking gas cap for her car. She decried the higher cost of gas prices and mentioned that it would be to help prevent folks from stealing the gas out of her car.

I smiled to myself and thought this is how it begins. With a whisper – and some soccer mom buying a gas cap lock at the auto parts store.

Then gas is $5 and everyone flips out. I mean, hell, that’s real money, right? A few years go by and we’ll be talking about the “good old days” when gas was only $4.75.

Get up to $10 a gallon and stealing gas is not just an inconvenience, it becomes a daily part of life. Either that, or we shut down.

Here is just one example of what will be the new normal. My emphasis below:

Fuel Thieves Targeting Truckers

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Thieves with some type of pumping mechanism are targeting truckers, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of fuel.

“There is so much of it being taken, to the tune of hundreds of gallons, that it has to be through some type of pumping mechanism,” Daytona Beach Sgt. Bill Rhodes said. “This seems to me to be well organized.”

Detectives said the thieves are targeting truck stops near Interstate 95 in Florida.

“You have to watch where you park your truck or leave it,” trucker Rick Morgan said. “If somebody is watching you at a truck stop, when you go inside and shower or eat, they are stealing fuel right out of your truck.”

It can cost more than $750 to fill up many 240-gallon tanks on big rigs, Local 6 reported..

Morgan said truckers are also robbing each other because the price of gas is so high.

“It has gotten real bad,” Morgan said. “Some of our owner operators at our company have fueled up and awaken in the morning to find their tanks empty.”

Many truckers said they are trying new gas locks, Local 6’s Tarik Minor reported.

Well, folks that’s it.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Pull out your football pads and strap on the wrist crossbow.