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  • The Human Path shout-out on WOAI For those who played last weekend at the THP Quarry game . . . Sam Coffman, who runs The Human Path survival school, got a mention this morning on WOAI radio, as well as their website: “Mad Max” World On The Way? Helotes Man Teaches Survival SkillsLocal survivalist course even teaches how to forage… Continue reading ""

  • And now . . . the moment we’ve all been waiting for . . . Russia threatens military response to US missiles MOSCOW (AP) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is warning his country may respond to a U.S. missile shield in Europe through military means. Medvedev says that the deployment of an anti-missile system close to Russian borders “will of… Continue reading ""

  • You’ve Got My Vehicle! So you’ve got the accuracy-while-moving down pat with your wrist crossbow, the most important question still lingers – what will you be driving around in while you move from town-to-town skimming the convenience-store shelves for that last can of chick peas? It is a question we Raiders often discuss and just recently my father-in-law forwarded me… Continue reading ""

  • Road Warrior Reality – Part 1 A few weeks ago I was getting a part for my ailing Land Cruiser (FJ-60) at the local auto parts store. Since I live in a semi-rural area, it’s always a crap shoot on whether or not they’ll have the right part, and if they do – it’s often offered at mining camp “company… Continue reading ""