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  • Now that’s bananas! Just when you thought the deadliest thing in a Whole Foods Market was some yuppie’s ability to self-aggrandize: World’s deadliest spider found in Tulsa store TULSA, Okla. – One of the most deadly spiders in the world has been found in the produce section of a Tulsa grocery store. An employee of Whole Foods Market found the… Continue reading ""

  • The iPod – a crucial part of your . . . . arsenal? It looks like iPods have finally come to their own with the tactically-minded set – and I don’t mean the ability to bring up “Welcome to the Jungle” every time you find yourself in the middle of a fray. A company has designed an application for the… Continue reading ""

  • 10 Things to Scratch From Your Worry List Ok – apologies for snarfing this whole article from the NY Times, but this is just too good not to post. 10-6 Redz sent me this over as an email, but at least I had the common decency to get online and source. Several times. 🙂 For most of the year, it… Continue reading ""

  • Run for it, Marty! It’s the Libyans! Who isn’t obsessed with time travel? The idea that you could go back into time to visit a deceased relative, see if primitive man really looked like the Geico commercials, or go back to middle school and slap yourself for being such a putz with the ladies. . . Most of us can’t… Continue reading ""