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  • Hunter-Killers to the Texas Border? From Drudge this evening: SEND IN THE DRONES: PREDATORS TO FLY ABOVE TEX-MEX BORDER Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate hearing Tuesday that unmanned aerial drones will soon fly through Texas skies! “Big Sis” declared that over the past 15 months, federal law enforcement initiatives have made the border more secure than in… Continue reading ""

  • Texas Gun Shows List – Updated for 2010 So after much delay (it ain’t March, yet!), I finally updated the Texas Gun Shows page for 2010. It’s available here.

  • April 21, 1836 – The Battle of San Jacinto The battle of San Jacinto was the concluding military event of the Texas Revolution. On March 13, 1836, the revolutionary army at Gonzales began to retreat eastward. It crossed the Colorado River on March 17 and camped near present Columbia on March 20, recruiting and reinforcements having increased its size to… Continue reading ""