The Basic Kit

Basic Kit

The basic kit is what I generally like to have on my belt when going on adventures in the woods. A good primitive living kit (I don’t like to say survival kit, because it tends to put a negative light on what could otherwise be enjoyable unexpected forrays into the woods), should cover the basic necessities – food, water, shelter, fire, medical, and signalling (assuming you want to be found).

The kit above contains, (going clockwise from the top) – an altoids tin with medical items, small fishing kit, mylar space blanket, carrying pouch (WW2 British issue), fishing net, snares, emergency poncho, plastic spoon, folding saw, mess tin, small flashlight, folding knife, black pouch (signal mirror, tinder for fire, metal match, sewing kit), waterproof match case, lifeboat matches, water purification tablets, compass, and a candle (vacuum-sealed in plastic – everything melts down here).

All of the above are really “nice to haves” – as long as you carry a pocket knife at all times, everything can be made in nature.

If I am hiking around in a state park or other trailed, mapped area, I just use the hiking kit.