The Anomalies Group is news gathering and current events analysis organization.

The Anomalies Group (TAG) doesn’t support any political party or cause, but we merely collect and organize information to present to our subscriber base.

TAG monitors breaking events concerning military actions, natural disasters, bio-outbreaks, corruption, media bias, privacy issues, civil rights abuses, and other issues that have a negative bearing on personal freedom. TAG attempts to get the facts out to our list in the most balanced and unbiased manner possible. From time to time we publish information of a fringe or conspiratorial nature to help get people thinking. As for the concept of a New World Order or Illuminati conspiracy, there is no need for such organizations – greed is the ultimate motivation for people to do evil.

The Anomalies Report e-mail is open to all people who want to stay informed, and is a great news source for those on the go, who don’t have time to sit in front of cable news all day long.

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